Will It Shake? The Pictures

Ever wonder what happens to framed pictures during an earthquake?  One of our readers did, so we tested out her setup on the shaketable at UCSD’s Jacobs School of Engineering.

Lee Ann Kim Has No Emergency Plan!

We were pretty surprised to learn that even though Lee Ann and her husband Louis Song commute to work in different directions, they have never made an emergency plan for their family or spoken to their sons’ school about the school emergency plan. Fireman Ron helps them get a plan in place with easy to use emergency wallet cards, and also teaches the whole family how to drop, cover and hold on.

Lee Ann Kim is Totally Unprepared!

We visited the home of San Diego newscaster Lee Ann Kim and her husband Louis Song. Their home is lovely, but hides some scary lack of earthquake preparedness that will give our host Ron Haralson nightmares!

New Year's Resolution: Make a Disaster Plan!

Sesame Street goes to Chile to get folks to make an earthquake plan. You can do it for your family too with these simple steps.

In Honor of the Holidays, We Smash Snowglobes for Science!

A reader from Los Angeles sent us a video of her prized Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobe collection. We did our best to recreate her collection on the UCSD shaketable. Just watch the snowglobes fly! 

Telststar Logistics Had Better Secure That Bookcase!

A Bookshelf Looming Over a Child’s Bed? Not in Earthquake Country!
When Ron reviewed Todd and Miel’s house with the Earthquake Safety Checklist, he was surprised to find a curio-laden bookshelf directly above little Miel’s bed.  In quintessential Telstar Logistics fashion, it was loaded with awesome artifacts and mementoes of a life full of fun and adventure, but it was a top-heavy shaking disaster waiting to happen.  If an earthquake were to happen at night or during naptime, the hole bookshelf could land on little Miel in bed!

Teaching Telstar Logistics & His Toddler the Drop, Cover & Hold On Game

After the exciting visit to the Big Shaker, Telstar Logistics’ Todd Lappin agrees that practicing earthquake drills is a good idea. 

Telstar Logistics Does All Kinds of Crazy Things...Like Ride in the Big Shaker

We visit Todd Lappin at his San Francisco home to talk earthquake preparedness. We think he agreed to have us come over because he wanted to ride in the Big Shaker. The scariest part of the day was trying to find someplace to park the giant earthquake simulator in Bernal Heights!

Virginia Man Knows What to do in an Earthquake!

Pleased to find that this fellow knew to drop, cover, and hold on during an earthquake. When the earth shakes, don’t run, drop, cover, and hold on !!