Lee Ann Kim Has No Emergency Plan!

We were pretty surprised to learn that even though Lee Ann and her husband Louis Song commute to work in different directions, they have never made an emergency plan for their family or spoken to their sons’ school about the school emergency plan. Fireman Ron helps them get a plan in place with easy to use emergency wallet cards, and also teaches the whole family how to drop, cover and hold on.

Teaching Telstar Logistics & His Toddler the Drop, Cover & Hold On Game

After the exciting visit to the Big Shaker, Telstar Logistics’ Todd Lappin agrees that practicing earthquake drills is a good idea. 

Don't Grab Your Dogs and Run, Get Under the Table Till the Shaking Stops!

Geena The Latina loves her puppy dogs Chunky and Teddy.  She loves them so much, instead of looking after herself in an earthquake drill, she grabbed her dogs and ran! Grandma was the only one in the family who knew what she was doing.