Will It Shake? The Pictures

Ever wonder what happens to framed pictures during an earthquake?  One of our readers did, so we tested out her setup on the shaketable at UCSD’s Jacobs School of Engineering.

In Honor of the Holidays, We Smash Snowglobes for Science!

A reader from Los Angeles sent us a video of her prized Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobe collection. We did our best to recreate her collection on the UCSD shaketable. Just watch the snowglobes fly! 

Telstar Logistics Does All Kinds of Crazy Things...Like Ride in the Big Shaker

We visit Todd Lappin at his San Francisco home to talk earthquake preparedness. We think he agreed to have us come over because he wanted to ride in the Big Shaker. The scariest part of the day was trying to find someplace to park the giant earthquake simulator in Bernal Heights!

This California Girl is Totally Unprepared! Geena The Latina lets us school her in earthquake Prep

In this week’s episode of Totally Unprepared, we visit radio personality Geena the Latina Auguilar and her family.  Its not her fault, but she is totally unprepared! 

Fish Tank Goes BOOM! Poor fishies!

In this episode of “Will It Shake?” we road test an aquarium.  How will it fare in an earthquake?  Its not pretty, we can assure you.

Watch the punk rock goddess of preparedness, Susan Jekarl, push NFL legend Vencie Glenn of San Diego to his limits. Is he prepared for an earthquake? Can he GET prepared?

First of three parts up today!

Susan Jekarl evaluates Vencie’s house using our Earthquake Safety Checklist. First on her list, Vencie’s giant aquarium, which is not secured! His refrigerator and his cabinet doors aren’t secured either. Vencie’s got a lot of items to work on.